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We do the work. You be the Hero.

Growing Hero was started to solve a common problem: maximizing the time you have with your kids. At Growing Hero, you’ll be provided with parenting tips and family commodities that make you the Hero. We design and deliver Hero Sets straight to your door that emphasize spending time together while exploring life and taking on new adventures. And by the way, the cape is optional.

Extraordinary Everyday Heroes.

At Growing Hero, we believe that everyone is capable of being extraordinary. We believe that parents can live strategically to maximize the time they have with their kids. We believe parents are the greatest influences and greatest heroes in their child’s eyes.

Regardless of where you are today, Growing Hero wants to help you and your kid(s) take a step towards becoming more exceptional. We are here to resource you by providing convenient tips, tricks and tools that you can enjoy with your child(ren). Everything we provide has the goal of encouraging and supporting The Hero to look like a Hero.

As you magnify your hero within and raise your own little hero(es), let us encourage you to celebrate moments - big and little. Growing Hero designs kits for you to delight in your child(ren) and provide helpful, practical and fun projects & ideas for families to live loving, courageous and full of adventure Superhero-Like stories.

Now’s the time:

Become the parent you have always wanted to be.
Live a life you enjoy and celebrate.
Shine in your child’s eyes.
Be The Hero.

Meet the Family Behind Growing Hero