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Travel Game Kits for Kids | For Car Road Trips or Plane Rides

Feeling a little stressed about your trip? Wanting to give your kids something to do while traveling besides electronics?

Introducing Growing Hero’s Travel Kits! These bags of goodies are filled with hours of travel fun. The Free Travel Adventure E-Book for Parents will give you tips for your journey, printable trip games, and a Bonus Travel Daily Planner from Paper & Oats.

Each bag has been tested by the Creators of Growing Hero’s own kids. “These are the best, Mom! Thank you!” - Blakelyn, Age 6

The Growing Hero Travel Kits All Include: Drawstring Bag, Travel Adventure E-Book, Daily Travel Planner, Printable Games Plus A Variety of Other Games & Activities

Are we there yet?

These packs work well even while at your destination. They are large enough to fit a few more items in, so pack some of their favorite things, a blanket and a tablet (hey, you just might need it, even if you are working to avoid!).

Hero Travel Tip: Wait until the day of your trip to give your kid(s) their bag. They will love getting and playing with new things - making them last longer for the trip!