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Travel Kits

Jamie Swenka

As we get ready to launch our first product(s) at Growing Hero, I get more and more excited to share them with you!

Why? Because my kids LOVE them! Ha! This makes my heart happy as they are for kids - for YOU to share with your kids so you get to be the best parent - at least for a little while, right?! ;)

I want to share the impact they had on the kids. While I don't know how good I will be at that, I will try. I heard things like "These are the BEST, Mom!", "I LOVE these!", and of course I heard, "Can I have one, too?" 

Well, yes, they can have one! AFTER, they do some modeling for us to show the bags off. :) 

This is Adler & Blakelyn showing off their new bags.Adler & Blake Showing Off Growing Hero Travel Kits

 This is Ilana showing off her Moana Activity Tin in the Travel Kit.   Smiling Ilana Loves Her New Moana Tin from the Growing Hero Travel Kit 

Aren't they cute? 

After these photos, they took off, and I didn't see them the rest of the day as they played with their new travel activities. :) It is only day two of having them, but they are still playing with, coloring, doing activities out of and carrying around their bags. Might I just suggest I am #winning and a #parenthero?

Happy Traveling, Heroes!

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