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Summertime Fun

Jamie Swenka

OK, I know it isn't "officially" summer yet, BUT, the kids are in Summer School & the weather has been amazing, so I kinda feel like it is summer already. :)

I just wanted to post a quick idea I had a couple of weeks ago to spend meaningful and quality time with my kids this summer. I know there are tons of great ideas out there, and this is just one that is working well for us right now.

Where We Are

This summer is a bit different than we have ever had because the kids are in full-time summer school 9-3 Monday-Friday. We did this so I could personally and professionally get a little caught up in my world. There are times and seasons for everything, and this is where we are. Although I miss the kids, I am definitely getting a lot done these last couple of weeks - and it feels good!

The Idea - Daily Themes

So, since I have limited time with the kids, I wanted to make sure to use that time wisely and intentionally. I came up with the idea of Daily Themes. Each day is a specific activity. Here they are:

Ice Cream Monday - Yep. Just what it says. I pick up the kids from school, and we go to the store and eat ice cream. I don't know what it is, but they ask if every day can be Ice Cream Monday?!?! ;)

Crafting Tuesday - Every Tuesday, we come home from school, snack and make crafts. It doesn't have to be a specific craft, although it could be. We just take whatever craft supplies we have and make things. 

Work-It-Off Wednesday - Usually this means we focus on doing some sort of physical activity... taking a walk, jumping on the trampoline, roller skating, races, etc. The main idea is to get outside and play!

Reading Thursday - This day is for books. Reading aloud to the kids is one of my favorite things to do with them! We can go to the library or just come home, snack and read more than we usually do.

Random Friday - An open day for any random surprise I want to throw at the kids... or just coming home and not doing anything. Whatever we want to do is the point. It's Friday, who cares what we do?!?! The next day is Saturday! ;)

Each of these activities are ones that we strive to do on a regular basis anyway, so now I can be intentional about making them happen. We do most of these activities (except eating ice cream) daily anyway, but now, I don't feel like I have to fit them all in each day. We can focus on just one thing, and then enjoy the day as it unfolds.

I would love to hear how you "structure" or don't structure your summer. What do you do to be intentional with the time you have with your kids? What are some of your favorite summer activities?

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