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Just The Beginning

Jamie Swenka

This place has been a dream of ours for a long time. And we are excited to share the journey of becoming the parents we want to be while in turn, encouraging you to be the parent(s) you want to be! 

I can't promise we will blog on a regular basis, but it is our goal to provide as much knowledge and experience that we come across with you, The Heroes.

It is strange to consider ourselves Heroes, isn't it? I struggle with that. But I remember when I was growing up, being asked in school, "Who is your hero?" My answer was usually my mom. She was a single mom, who was raising two young girls. It seemed a daunting task - and it is, isn't it? I am surprised I knew that it was hard work then, but I did. I didn't live a fairy tale childhood, but I don't mind and I am thankful for my life. It doesn't matter where we come from when we become parents - the only thing that matters is how we love and experience our kids in this moment.

Many kids grow up thinking heroes are people like Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr, Gandhi, and other well-known world-changers. And those are heroes. But we can be too. Just like I knew as a young girl, its true that parents are heroes. We are world-changers in our worlds. We zip, we zap, we're brave, we're committed - We Are Heroes.

A hero is someone who changes their world for the good. As parents, we must raise our children to love selflessly, live courageously and make a difference in their story.

I believe that are many ways to be a hero in your child's eyes, but from my experience so far, I have noticed that the times I really shine to my children are when I spend time with them. When we work together on fun projects around the house, when we do something new together like taking a trip to Grandpa's farm, and when we sit together reading a book. 

We can't take a trip with you to help you experience a new adventure, but we can provide you with a bag of travel games for the car to surprise your child with right before you leave to make the trip more enjoyable. We can't come over to your house and bake cookies with you, but we can provide you with a recipe or two, kid baking utensils and matching aprons for your time together. We can't go catch butterflies this summer with you, but we can provide you and your kids with a summer kit to experience those things together.

This is what we will do. We can't wait to share with you new releases and products! We can't wait to do these things with our kids at home! Our first product is the traveling kits for your kiddos. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and we hope they bring you the value they have brought us.

Follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram. Tag us at #growinghero to share your adventures. We will be sharing ours too. This is what will keep us going, keep us coming up with new ideas and ways to make your life with your kids be the life you want to live.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Enjoying this Life - Jamie

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